Services in Preschool/Daycare

Preschool/School Services

Working with children within a daycare or preschool setting can be beneficial for children with speech, language
and communication needs. As educators you spend a lot of time with the children in your care so know them
well. It can also help provide a better understanding of a child’s abilities in an every day environment. It can be
very useful to see how:

  • Children interact with others (both with – children and adults)
  • Often, if ever, they start interactions with others
  • They play with their peers/and or on their own
  • The preschool environment may affect their learning (some children thrive, where as others need
    environmental adjustments to help them engage and/or learn more effectively).

Below are some of the things we may do when working in the preschool environment:

  • Work with educators to develop a plan to help children reach their communication/social goals and
    ensure these goals support the Early Years Learning Framework
  • Provide information sessions for parents and educators
  • Conduct therapy visits in the daycare/preschool. Depending on the child this may be play based or a
    more structured activity – but always fun!
  • Ensure we chose activities that are going to keep children engaged – as you may know, if they are not
    interested they do not learn!
  • Provide small group therapy sessions to preschoolers who may be at risk of academic difficulties (e.g.
    have a history of language or speech disorder, difficulty learning about sounds and/or the alphabet,
    difficulty socialising with others)
  • General language enrichment and early literacy programs for all children.