Individual Therapy

If it is recommended that your child receive therapy your speech pathologist will discuss the frequency and length of appointments (sessions) with you, usually at the time of assessment. Generally therapy sessions are weekly for 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

During the therapy session the speech pathologist will:

  • Discuss what you are going to do in the session;
  • Do therapy activity with the child and demonstrate to you;
  • Provide you with an opportunity to do the therapy activity with the child*;
  • Give you homework to practice the new skill.

*This is particularly important as parents are encouraged to practice at home. Practicing away from the clinic helps your child “transfer” what they have learnt to different situations i.e with other people and places.

Therapy activities can take the form of play, games, table-top activities e.g, books, drawing, or on some occasions using an iPad. The choice of activity depends on your child’s age, attention, abilities and likes/dislikes. It is important that therapy activities are salient to the child i.e. they have meaning to them. The best way to do this is by using tasks that they find enjoyable, after all without enjoyment and meaning we are less likely to learn!


Where is therapy provided?

Like many businesses, we have needed to change our business model to suit this current crazy climate.  One of these changes of course was using telehealth/video conferencing to provide services to clients.  Out of this came the realisation that a clinic space was no longer needed and in fact was an unnecessary major expense.  As a result we will no longer be offering in clinic sessions,  rather we will be using a mobile therapy service model, in addition to telehealth (sessions via video conference).

COVID-19 restrictions are reducing steadily. We therefore hope to be able to offer face to face therapy sessions in the near future.  The new business model will provide services in the following ways:

  • By telehealth/video conferencing – if this is working for you and your child, we are happy to continue this for as long as you desire/need.
  • Face to face visits will be carried out either at:
    • your home
    • your child’s school (when allowed by the school)
    • your child’s preschool or daycare (when allowed by the centre).

In order to visit you safely, we have set up protocols to try to reduce risk using the precautions recommended by the Department of Health.  This includes:

  • Maintaining open and honest communication in regard to health and contact/possible contact with someone who has been infected with COVID-19.  This can be done by completing the attached google form prior to your first face-to-face session.  If your circumstances change at any time, it is vital that you contact your therapist via email or phone e.g. if you or your child are unwell; if you have been near someone who is unwell.  
  • Clients and clinicians will use hand sanitiser before, during and after sessions.
  • Where possible we will use your child’s toys rather than our own.
  • If we need to bring materials to your home, we will ensure hygienic practice i.e. washing hands thoroughly before touching materials and wiping objects with disinfectant wipes.
  • Maintaining a safe distance (1.5 metres) where possible at all times, for example having the therapy session outside rather than inside.