Let’s Connect Speech and Language Pathology (LCSLP) is a small and personal mobile speech pathology practice seeing families in the inner west and lower north shore community. Like you, we want your child to be their biggest and best!  Speech therapy may include helping children develop skills they need to express their thoughts and ideas, form friendships, learn and grow to their full potential. When providing speech therapy, we work closely with you to help your child develop their communication skills and achieve the best possible outcome.   We want to help your child connect with others!


Who we see:

We work with children from 18 months to 12 years of age with the following difficulties:

  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Developmental language disorder (difficulty understanding and or using language to communicate)
  • General learning difficulties
  • “Late talkers” and/or developmental delay
  • Literacy skills (spelling, reading, written language e.g. sentences and stories etc)
  • Pragmatic/social communication (understanding social routines, greeting people, conversational turn taking, making and maintaining friendships)
  • Speech i.e. pronouncing words/sounds  
  • Stuttering

Useful Information

This pages provides information and tips on topics such as:

  • Communication Development
  • Websites you can trust for further information about development etc
  • Tips for building your child’s language
  • What to do if your child is stuttering
  • Teaching your child two languages
  • Dummies and thumbsucking
  • How much screen time (TV, iPad etc) should your child watch?

Communication is a basic human right.  However many Australians continue to have communication difficulties into adulthood to varying degrees, leading to reduced social participation, employment and participation in daily life.

Early intervention is paramount to preventing or reducing lifelong communication problems. If you suspect your child is not communicating as they should, contact a speech pathologist to discuss you concerns.